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Snitch Paraphernalia

For those of you who have read any of the K-11-7-4 books, you'll recognize this character. Honestly, he was an additive that didn't make the first draft, but has become one of my personal favourites.

Snitch, for those who don't know, is a Sentry. A robotic surveillance camera designed to watch the protagonist, K, in order to keep him in line. If K acts out (which tends to be a frequent occurrence), it's the job of Snitch to alert the Alte-Ra authorities so they can come and implement the appropriate punishment. Most Sentries don't have names. Thanks to K, Snitch does.

This glossy Sassy Snitch mug is available for purchase in the Winterwrites Shop. I absolutely love mine, and I know you will too!

Snitch is a Sentry of many colours. Eventually, I hope to feature each one of his expressions on K-11-7-4 merchandise. Which would you like to see featured next?

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