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The moment K stepped into the tunnel he got a sense of familiarity. It was enough to make him pause, staring at the walls in concentration.

      “What is it?” Yn’Evor asked.

      “I think there’s one of those bubbles, er, threads of memory around here. I’ve got this feeling like I’ve walked here before.”

      Kiil’Zaer looked down the hall and then back at him. “Shall we go find it?”

He nodded slowly. “I suppose we should.”



Almarr-Ka, the homeland of the Hy-Mun, was thought to be a dead planet consumed by toxins and decay. But what K finds is something he never could have imagined.  

Escaping to the place where all their troubles with the Alte-Ra originated seemed like a great idea at first, but now K isn’t so sure. His dreams are growing in intensity, and he keeps finding himself unwillingly consumed by them. Like a collared animal, he’s dragged along by their every whim. Being forced to relive memories from a time long past is draining, and it isn’t doing anything to help his mental stability either. Despite Yn’Evor’s assurance that the threads will guide him to the answers he seeks, he finds himself on the brink of insanity.


Will he be able to overcome the battle within? Or will these memories be the final thread that cause him to snap?

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