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K-11-7-4 Series, "A Seven Eyes Novel"

Book 1 - Rastaban[2339].jpg


(Book 1)

“I know it already looks clean, but I’ve been charged with the task of making the tiles as reflective as mirrors. All of them.”

            “Why?” she asked.

            He shrugged. “Because I have the nasty habit of getting myself into trouble…”


Thread of Memory

(Book 4)

The moment K stepped into the tunnel he got a sense of familiarity. It was enough to make him pause, staring at the walls in concentration.

      “What is it?” Yn’Evor asked.

      “I think there’s one of those bubbles, er, threads of memory around here. I’ve got this feeling like I’ve walked here before.”

      Kiil’Zaer looked down the hall and then back at him. “Shall we go find it?”

      He nodded slowly. “I suppose we should.”

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(Book 7)

Coming 2024

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Book 2 - Tarazed[2341].jpg


(Book 2)

“Protect the innocent! Freedom for the Hy-Mun, and death to the Alte-Ra!” H shouted.

            The other Koa’Alith took up the call. The woman looked up at them fearfully.

            Another shot rang out, but this time, K was faster. The bullet jarred his shoulder but did not pierce through the fabric of the armour as he placed himself in between the Alte-Ra and the Koa’Alith mob. . .

            “I told you to follow orders,” H hissed.

            “You know me,” K replied.

Sword and Dragon_cover.jpg

Sword and Dragon

(Book 5)

“I had hoped he would recover. But his Fading is to be expected.”

       Yl’Lea shook her head. “He didn’t Fade,” she breathed in a conspiratorial whisper.

       “What do you mean?”

       “He was murdered.”

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(Book 8)

Coming 2024

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Book 3 - K-11-7-4[2340].jpg


(Book 3)

            “I have an idea,” K said slowly.

            H faced him. “Will I hate it?”


            “Tell me.”

B6 cover_front.jpg

Curse and Tear
(Book 6)

“You’ve thought up something crazy, haven’t you?”

“I certainly hope so,” Mueiriel replied with a devilish grin. “We’re going to give the mountains their own set of teeth.”

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