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“You’ve thought up something crazy, haven’t you?”

        “I certainly hope so,” Mueiriel replied with a devilish grin. “We’re going to give the    mountains their own set of teeth.”

Chaos and anarchy thread their way through the realms. Rebel factions in Shang-Rel form as soldiers patrol the streets, and the threat of civil war continues to grow. As the disease of the Alte-Ra spreads, the other races prepare for the greatest all-worlds clash since Ar’Kaeven.


Meanwhile, K struggles with the repercussions of recent events. With Zero dead, Yn’Evor destined for execution, and the reality of his transformation into a literal monster sinking in, his mental state slips even further into instability. Inconsolable, it seems hope may have finally fizzled out for him.


Will K find a way to rise from the depths of despair? Or will the worlds crumble to ashes?

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