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Asylum. A word meaning 'sanctuary.' But for Kairyna, the only sanctuary she knew in a world without hope, has become a prison. She'd always dreamed of living in one of her books. Little did she know that dream would conceal a nightmare. 

In this new, darker reality that should have been impossible, she meets others running from demons of their own. It's not that she wants to make friends, but the only way to escape is by working together to find the end of the story. It's either get out and face what waits for her back in the real world, or stay in this realm of fantasy where the only option is hiding from something that wants to devour her soul... And she's not going down without a fight.

Hand Writing

Dear Fiashteb

Written as an apocalyptic journal, this story has been penned in its raw form. In a world as vivid as your imagination can construct, the writer of the letter does his best to convey events as well as he remembers to an acquaintance he only knows through paper and ink. What is certain is that a disease is spreading through the world, changing things, and making everyone go mad.


What happens next will be decided one word at a time. 



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