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Josephine C Winter

Hello, and welcome to WinterWrites!

Josephine C Winter is a creator, and author of The Seven Eyes novels. As the founder of WinterWrites, it is her goal to share stories of daring and adventure with those who find pleasure in such things. However, as she says, "Stories are not told simply through words, and we don't fall in love with just a book." Knowing this, Winter created this website to share not only her stories, but to give life to her characters. 

On this website, you'll find many stories. Whether original or retakes on old classics, it is her hope that they, along with their characters, will inspire you, encourage you, and become as close as friends.  

More is always coming, and there is so much to look forward to as this site continues to grow and evolve.


"My focus is finding and sharing stories. And, who knows, ours may just collide. How amazing would that be!?"

~Josephine C Winter

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