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“I had hoped he would recover. But his Fading is to be expected.”

       Yl’Lea shook her head. “He didn’t Fade,” she breathed in a conspiratorial whisper.

       “What do you mean?”

       “He was murdered.”


With the Alte-Ra king dead, and rumours swirling regarding his murder, the realms are cast into turmoil. War looms on the horizon, threatening to consume them all. Fingers are pointed, blame is cast, and the truth remains a mystery.


Time is against K. But then again, so is everyone and everything else. Even his own mind can no longer be trusted. The power within him is great but also terrible, and the line between right and wrong continues to blur. As he grows increasingly confused and unstable, the easier it is for the heat to consume him, with disastrous consequences.


Is he the hero his friends believe him to be? Or will fate prove him to be an unwilling villain? 

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