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Kairyna is the main character of Asylum.

As you can see from this image, she's a book person. She loves books. In fact, due to unfortunate circumstances in her life, books have become her escape, and her lifeline. She's almost never seen without one. That is, until she gets trapped inside one.

Pain and heartache, loss and grief, have left Kairyna bitter. She fights with her aunt, the one person she has left in the world, she ignores her friends, and she's cruel to the people who might care for her. Her sharp tongue and rude behaviour have the people around her cautious, but her courage and determination has them relying on her. However, she will have to learn to open up, face her fears, and overcome the reality of her heart in order to survive.

I like Kairyna because of her growth. She's angry, harsh, and selfish when you first meet her. As time progresses, you see her learn how to not only make friends again, but how to rely on and trust them. You see her confront her own darkness while helping others to face theirs. No matter the danger, Kairyna presses forward, unwilling to give up. Even though she gets scared, she refuses to let fear be an excuse for not doing what needs to be done in order to save herself and her friends.

Would you like to see her in colour? Let me know!

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