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Adrift like Snowflakes

Dear Winterites,

And we’re finally back to a normal week. It already feels so much lighter.

For our Monday’s class, we actually went over some of the animation principles. Specifically, the 12 basic principles of animation. Normally, we go over the assignment for the week, but since we’re already in progress in all current projects, there were no assignments to go over. I know some other people were complaining about the class being boring, but personally, I was glad we went over the information we did. I think we should have gone over such things earlier. I mean, the class is called Practices and Principles, so maybe we should, I don’t know, learn about the principles and their importance? Just a thought.

In the afternoon I played around with my box fold assignment that has to get done all on our own time. It’s animating a box folding up and then down again. It’s fun and I enjoy working on it, but I still wish we had class time so we could have access to in person guidance. After all, it’s our first ever in perspective animation and we’re doing it all on our own?

That totally makes sense.

(Just the first side animated. It's a start. An imperfect start, but a start nonetheless.)

Tuesday’s class ended up being cancelled due to our prof being sick. I chose to spend my morning, since I was up anyway, working on our regular assignment to the best of my ability. I then decided I should probably draw something. What with the last couple weeks being soul-sucking, it had been a while since I’d sat down to do anything just for the fun of it. I mean, first I drew some things for another school project, but then I did sit myself down to draw something with no relation to classwork.

(I realize it's a bit on the light side, but this is the rough for the windowsill and handle on the window for my Enviro assignment.)

On a walk with my roommate a few weeks previous, she had asked me if it was true that squirrels eat mice. While rodents are scavengers and will eat anything that’s an easy meal, meaning that yes, squirrels can and do eat mice on occasion, I think she was imagining squirrels hunting down and brutally murdering mice for food. I figured that was as good a drawing prompt as any, so that’s what I drew. For her. She both loved and hated it, and that was exactly the reaction I’d been hoping for.

(Awww, look at the cute little deranged squirrel gorily eating a severed mouse. Isn't it precious?)

On Wednesday, when I looked out my window, I was greeted with a glorious sight. SNOW!!! Honestly, I’m so happy about it. It was a tad distracting though as I tried to pay attention to my class and get work done but ended up just staring out the window at these lovely flakes drifting down from the heavens. I could watch the snowfall all day.

My thoughts immediately go to fuzzy socks, warm blankets, and hot cocoa by the fire.

(Seriously. It's just so pretty to watch! All these large flakes floating along on the breeze until they come to rest in a blanket of white.)

(Even my tropical plants were enjoying the view.)

I think I managed to still get a decent amount done today. On several projects, even. That, I’m glad for. I ended up also having time at the end of the day to read. The pace of this week is much more tolerable, though I’m still working on getting my drive back after losing the will for almost everything after that last project, which we won’t think about anymore. It’s done. Moving on! I WILL get back into writing. More than one paragraph at a time, I mean. I must!

In Thursday’s life drawing class, we learned about the RoboBean. I don’t fully understand how to use it, but it’s something I’ve seen before in character design drawings, so I’m looking forward to figuring it out.

(To the left are some of my gestures from class. My lines are definitely getting better even though I'm still struggling with being able to finish full gestures within the allotted time. I was really enjoying the largest pose in the middle left as it was turning out the best, but alas, the time ran out. Then to the right are my practice RoboBeans which . . . aren't right at all. Ha. I'll figure it out eventually.)

(And this is my long study using the RoboBean. My absolute favourite part of this drawing is the right knee/leg as it just formed itself ever so beautifully. The rest of it is kind of whatever, but that knee is *chef's kiss*.)

Hung out with classmates between classes. Normally, I disappear to my room for those couple hours, but today I chose to shake up the norm. It was a fun time just chatting, laughing, and looking at Lord of the Rings memes.

My dragon companion came over for the evening for a few hours of reading. I made tea and put out snacks, then read one of my WIPs to her. She’s now caught up to my progress though, so I guess I’d better get working on the next chapter.

Friday. Last day of classes this week. Woo! Got decently far in both assignments I chose to work on, then allowed myself a rest for the evening. It feels good to be able to keep up.

(Alright. So, this is the full thing animated folding up and then back down again. Do note that this is a first draft, so to speak, so it is incredibly rough and in need of lots of editing! I absolutely hope this is not what the final draft will look like. But! I do think it's a rather good start to work with. Can't edit a blank page, and I'm sure there's a similar sort of phrase within animation.)

A note on the financing progress, as that continues to be a thorn in my side. The last bit of paperwork has finally been assessed!! Hooray! This nightmare is almost over! I’m still waiting for the money to actually be transferred to me, but there is at long last a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a bit in the distance still, but I can see it. At this point, that’s what matters.

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