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First Semester Ends

Dear Winterites,

It’s the final week of first semester and most of my classes I don’t actually have to attend. That doesn’t mean I can slack off, but I don’t have to push myself too hard either. I know there are some classmates who are pulling all-nighters to get work done, but I’m not aiming for perfection. I’m just aiming for finished, and hopefully passing. I know, not the highest standard, but I’ve been doing decently well thus far in all my classes, so that’s good enough for me. I’m just ready to have the time for personal projects again.

By that, I mean QUALITY time.

On Monday I allowed myself to sleep in a bit, and then I got right to work on my final assignments. I’ve been putting movies on in the background while working because I’m not enjoying working on this skatepark design. I want to enjoy it, truly. But I don’t. Having the movies playing more-or-less gives me a time-frame in which to complete certain goals. I maybe didn’t get as far in the project as I’d hoped, but by the time I decided I was tired/done with forcing myself to focus, I still got a fair amount done.

Working on the cleanup of my barn assignment is nearly complete as well. This project is much more fun.

On Tuesday I continued with the skatepark. Still hating every minute of it. Finished the barn. That was the whole day.

Wednesday. The skatepark.

Thursday. Thank goodness for a break from staring at the computer screen! And, I was actually having a good art day, so I’m pleased with both the long studies I did during class.

**Warning, as it is a life drawing class, the models pose nude. If that triggers you, please ignore the photos or stop reading here.**

(The left image focused on the RoboBean, while the image on the right focused on Cross Contour. I'm happy with how both turned out, especially in comparison with the long studies I did last week.)

I went to Enviro just for the fun of it. I could have skipped, but I’m not worried about getting my skatepark finished in time, so to class I went. Watched some cartoons. Always a great time.

Spent the remainder of my afternoon finishing up my skatepark, then submitted all assignments. Woohoo!! First semester is officially over! I made it!

(Skatepark final. I don't love it, and there are parts that I definitely didn't do perfectly or even that well, but at least it was finished enough to be submitted. It'll be what it'll be.)

(Barn final. I know my prof wanted the vanishing points to be further away, but my page was only so big and I was too lazy to figure out where the points would be on my desk for measuring. So, this is what happened and I don't hate it. )

I used my Friday to do some cleaning and packing for my trip back home for the holiday season. And, since there won’t be anything to do with class during the next couple of weeks, I will be taking a break from these weekly updates.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas! This segment will return in January. See you in 2023!

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