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Always Ever Never

All the pressure from myself to grasp the standard on the shelf that I can never ever hope to reach

Putting pressure, pressure out of measure reaching higher, farther, longer, always ever out of reach

Set the standard, set the goal, set the peak above the fold, and stretch for that which I will never hold, never reach

Stretching, folding, always bending, trapped beneath the never-ending weight of standing tall, and then I fall

Always do I never ever fail to find my always ever trapped beneath the never ever, never in my reach

Rewind never ever, always repeat, repeat ever for the hundredth time of never ever stop, never reach

Placing greater pressure on myself to become better knowing I should always ever stop to breathe

Fighting through the heartaches and the constantly made mistakes ever always there's a lack of air to breathe

I'm a failure, I'm a fake, wishing I could take a break from the never-ending nagging of my brain, am I sane?

Overthinking always sinking into thoughts and never blinking, trapped in ever never, never breathe

Always there's the lurking fear of disappointing atmospheric change created by the never ever let me breathe

Never ever find escape to someplace always ever trapped in always never, never ever free just to breathe

Always ever in the never, never in the always ever stuck someplace where I cannot be free

Far beyond the stratospheric shock of breaching to the top the place where I can let my dreams fly free

Set the scene, start the fire, burn with unfulfilled desire, follow broken dreams right to the top only to drop

Holding, falling, never flying, bleeding from ever denying, never always, always never free

Always ever in my dream but never in reality that always ever never of someone who can be free

Never in the always ever, always in the never ever hoping against hope to find a way to just break free

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