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Welcome back to K's Corner! I'm sorry I've been absent. I know you've all been missing me terribly. I can see it in your faces. There's a very good reason for my not writing sooner, and mainly . . . it's because I'm lazy. Well, that's only one reason. I was trying to get Ole Seph to publish book 3 of my series, and thanks to my nagging efforts, it's finally available for you to read! Isn't that exciting!? I know I can barely contain my enthusiasm. After all, this one bears my name. I can tell that you feel the same.

You're welcome.

With book 3 officially on the market,

that old witch of an author is attending a mega nerd event to promote me. I mean my story. And do you know what? She has the gall to go dressed as me!! Can you even believe the nerve!? I've seen the costume she's putting together, and let me tell you, she looks nothing like me. It's an insult, frankly. Does she think she can make up for all the hardship she's put me through by imitating me???

. . . Okay, to be honest, I am a little bit flattered. I thought for sure she would have gone as someone else. But she chose me. I feel used, because she's just trying to gain publicity, but if I can be honest with you guys, I may have danced a wee bit when she said she was dressing as me. I mean, why wouldn't she want to be me? I'm the greatest! I think she made the right choice, even if it is horribly offensive.

As I mentioned, Ole Seph is headed to a mega nerd event. It's a little something called ComicCon. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but she seems pretty excited. I hate seeing her so happy, because it just reminds me of all the torture she's put me through, but I am enjoying the stress she's been under. Not that she shows it.

Apparently, there are some famous people who show up to these ComicCon events. Seems there's one that Ole Seph is particularly thrilled to know will be there. I don't understand it, but maybe that's because I'm a super famous person in my own right. I mean, everyone is always after me. I can't go anywhere without getting recognized. And now I'm being impersonated? Still a little bit caught up on that one. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll get over it eventually.

If you're a fan of this ComicCon event and you're going to be there, be sure to stop by the WinterWrites table to tell Ole Seph how horrible she looks! . . . Wait. She's going to look like me. Tell her she looks great, but can't compare in the slightest to the beauty of someone such as myself.

I'll be sure to write here again soon with the followup to this event. And I promise you, there will be pictures!

Until next time!

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