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First Frustrations and Counting

Dear Winterites,

When embarking on an adventure, it is good to bear in mind that frustrating things will happen. In fact, if they don't happen, are you even having an adventure? Suffering through frustrations seems to be the way we learn what our current limits are and how to surpass them.

Frustrations are just growing pains.

That being said, frustrating things are still . . . well . . . frustrating. And I don't know about you, but when I get frustrated, I also get angry. This doesn't mean I act on that anger, but there are two angry voices inside my head. One tells me to throw things or vent through violence. Another tells me to lie down and cry, succumbing to my weakness. But, like I said, I don't act on these things. Though I might make some of my characters go through a crappy situation and have them vent on my behalf.

Adventuring into the unknown world of animation has barely begun. I still haven't even crossed that blasted bridge yet. I thought I might try figuring out some of my tech while waiting. You know, being proactive so I don't start day one of classes with 0% levels of understanding. My tech thinks differently. Apparently, it feels I should start at the absolute lowest point.

From the bottom, one can only go up.

A nice sentiment, but ever so rudely forced upon me. Perhaps some people are good at figuring things out by trial and error. True, I often learn this way, for better or worse. However, when it comes to tech, I'd much prefer to have a manual with well-described instructions in front of me. Unfortunately, a lot of tech no longer comes with such as it's apparently expected everyone can simply figure it out. To that I say, "HAH!"

(going through the setup process)

For reference, I have never before used a Mac. Nor have I ever used a drawing tablet or done any sort of digital art. I'm a pencil and paper kind of girl. I'm now having to figure out both at the same time. YouTube is, for all accounts, mostly Youseless.

This really is the first of many frustrations that will be coming my way. Honestly, I have no idea where to go from here. I have no idea what programs I need, what things I can do to give myself the best head start possible, or how to play around until I figure it out on my own. I guess I'm going in not even at ground level, but rather from the lowest of the underground parking garages.

I guess things could be worse?

I could be stuck underneath the parking garage, buried under weighted tons of cement and steel. At least I'm in a place from which going up is an option. Positives, right? I'll figure this out eventually. Just gotta find the right stairwell . . . or a working elevator. And who knows? Maybe I'll find some travel companions down here to help me battle the heinous monsters that await adventurers such as myself.

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