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It's All Worth It

Being an author is expensive.

In order to be successful, you need an editor, literary agent, website, and advertisement, just to name a few things.

If you decide to hold your coin and do it all yourself, you won't see much profit.

It's so much work for someone unqualified and untrained in the art of anything outside the creative process.

But that's okay because you're not in it for the money anyway.

It's not like you want to make a living doing this or anything.

However, if you bite the bullet and surround yourself with all these necessary things and start seeing real sales, you still won't see any return.

If you sell a book for $10 with a 60% cut, you still have to pay your editor and agent first because they have fees.

Their time and expertise is worth something.

But not you.

You don't have fees.

You're just the author, the one who put in all the work, poured out all your time and energy, blood, sweat, and tears for this.

So, you get maybe 10% of the 60% cut which leaves you with less that $1 of earnings per book.

Even if you sell 1000 books in a month, that still isn't enough to pay the rent.

And now you're the literal representation of a starving artist because you can't afford life even though you're working hours equal to 2-3 full-time jobs.

That's why you don't do this for the money, because there isn't any.

It's just a really expensive and time-consuming, soul-sucking hobby.

But that's okay, because even if one person likes your book who isn't a family member or close friend, it's all worth it.

You're supposed to believe that, right?

This is why being an author isn't easy.


It's all worth it.

[uncontrollable broken sobbing]

(Images courtesy of Disney's DuckTales and Donald Duck shorts.)

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