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Walking On

Dear Winterites,

As is typical of a Monday, I didn’t want to go to class. Geez. Not even a teenager anymore and that disdain for class is strong. I guess some things we never truly grow out of; we just learn how to handle our emotions a bit more maturely.

Hmm…maybe I shouldn’t speak too quickly.

After class I did a bit of grocery shopping with one of my classmates. I found a Godzilla magazine and absolutely had to impulse buy it! I don’t think I’ve done anything in particular recently deserving of a treat, but that’s that. The treat was bought and will be enjoyed.

(I know, I know, I'm such a nerd. But I just love him so much!!!)

Spent my afternoon working on a spec script I’ve been attempting, as well as a short story. I’d say both projects are going well. I’m definitely happiest when I’m writing. It feels so good to have ideas flowing through me again!

I felt tired in class on Tuesday. This is my life now. Permanent exhaustion for no real reason (I mean, I’m not exactly putting in my greatest effort mentally or physically, yet somehow, I’m still being drained). But then at lunch I bought a doughnut, and that made me happy. I was too full to eat it right away, sadly, yet the mere knowledge that I would be enjoying the doughnut later was enough to brighten my day.

(This doughnut not only looked pretty, it had a minty flavour and was entirely delicious!)

And then came scriptwriting, the only class that I actually want to continue taking part in. We started working on out pilot episode scripts. It’s so much fun. Writing a script goes faster than writing a book by way of page count, but it definitely has its own unique challenges. The way you tell the story is different. It’s more about the dialogue and giving action guidance rather than fully designed details.

(Decided to work on a new sketch in the evening. I've been fascinated by dance poses lately. I exaggerated this one just a little bit, like how we're taught to do gestures in our life drawing class. There are still so many poses that I've collected references for that I want to try drawing yet! It's great for learning the dynamic flow of the human body.)

On Wednesday I was only half-focused in class. I can really tell my heart isn’t in this at all anymore. I just want these last weeks to be done. I’m not falling behind or anything in the assignment, so I was texting friends instead. Such a bad example. It was a virtual class though so…no one to set an example for. Still. Oops. My bad.

Back to work on my short story and then hanging out with friends in the evening.

The weather was gross on Thursday. Made for lethargic energy levels even though I like the Thursday classes.

In life drawing, we focused on feet. Honestly, when it comes to the drawing method that we’re learning, I don’t understand how to draw the feet at all. Here’s the weird part. I don’t understand the feet, but I can draw them, whereas I do understand the hands, but I just can’t draw them. Totally makes sense.

Well, understand is maybe a strong word. The hands are easier to understand because they’re a box with cylinders. The feet include a floor plane, a box, a circle, arches, a box for the big toe, and smaller arches to represent the remaining toes. Lots of little pieces.

(Just a few gestures that some of our classmates modelled for. The second round of one minute gestures (right) definitely turned out better than the first round one minutes (left). Why warm-ups are important.)

(To the left are the first practice feet I did. They don't look quite right to you? Don't worry, they don't look quite right to me, either. But the feet above at least look more like feet. To be honest, I didn't follow the method for the foot in the middle. Couldn't figure it out. Drew the outline of the foot first, then incorporated the method on top. Hey, gotta do what you gotta do, right?)

I finished up the rough rotation for my character in character design. It didn’t take too long as I’ve chosen fairly simple forms (thinking smart over here, heehee), so I suffered a little bit of boredom during class. It does feel good though knowing that there’s one area within animation where I can excel even just a little bit.

(I love him so much!)

Spent my evening chatting on the phone with a friend. It mostly turned into me talking about my various writing projects. Not my fault! I was encouraged to keep going! Honestly, it feels great to find someone who lets me talk and even wants me to do so.

The difficulty of being a writer is that we constantly want to talk about our projects but we feel like we’re being a bother when we get too excited.

Having those friends who actually appreciate that about us and take joy in our enthusiasm are super important. It’s like therapy, haha.

Then came Friday. Ah…so, I didn’t really do anything in class. I’m terrible, I know! And then I tried going for a walk in the afternoon because it just looked so nice out. The temperature wasn’t too bad, but the wind was killing my ears, even though I had them covered! The walk was short, but it tuckered me right out. I'm not sure I got anything productive done in this day.

Back to the constant exhaustion. . ..

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