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No one remembers how the world ended, we just know that it did. In the aftermath, humanity did what humanity does best. We rebuilt.

Our governments did their best to unite us and create a new world order. Unfortunately, they were no longer to be trusted. Somehow, our destruction had been their fault. Or so we were made to believe. For a time, it was hard to know what truth even was.

There were those who understood the desperation of the situation and found a solution. The scientists, people of higher learning. They knew more than any of us and they told us that we would rise again. They made a way for us to hope for a future. They gave us courage to start life anew. With their guidance, we did just that. We listened to them. We believed them. We were grateful.

Most of us, anyway.

There were those who didn’t agree with this new way. There were those who saw the new city as a new kind of hell. They were scared. It’s understandable since everything was so different from what it had been. But they shouldn’t have fought against the future as hard as they did. They should have been grateful.

They weren’t. And they left to live in what became known as Trash City.

As for the rest of us, we’re happy. So happy. Because here in Paradise, everything is perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I’m no longer afraid. I’m happy. So, so happy. . ..

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