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With Fairer Winds

Dear Winterites,

Allow me to begin this post with a smell update. For those who haven’t been following along, these dorms do not have the greatest air ventilation, so smells such as food odours have a tendency to linger. Well, with the weather getting warmer, my roommate and I can finally open our windows for extended periods of time without freezing. Let me tell you, it really helps. I’ve got a bone to pick with the architect of these dorms for not prioritizing ventilation. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how delicious a scent is, when it has nowhere to go, it becomes irksome. The halls and stairwells are the worst, then those smells seep into our rooms, and it’s all around unpleasant. I’ve known the halls to smell strongly of feet and weed one day, only to smell like sugared candy the next, and like a dental clinic the day after. I have no idea what’s going on in this place, but I’m ready for these last few weeks to fly by so I can move into a better situation.

Glad to get that off my chest.

Our Monday’s class was unhelpful. Had we had this lecture the week prior, it would have been perfect! Unfortunately, what we learnt made all of the previous week’s work more-or-less worthless. There is much left to be desired by way of organization and timing. I hope I’ve said this before, and if not, I’ll say it now. I think this class has a lot of potential and could offer great value. I sincerely hope they figure out how to get there for the sake of future students.

In the afternoon, I worked on my scriptwriting homework. Putting together episode breakdowns. I have my first season roughed out already (which technically is doing “too much” even though I can’t help it), so that made creating randomized episodes easy. Once I had those outlined, I did some editing for a friend.

Honestly, it would have been the perfect day for a walk. Alas. At least I got to spend my evening hanging out with friends.

Tuesday’s class was honestly a bit on the boring side. I worked on getting my keys for my walk cycle animation set in place. The problem is, I don’t need lots of direction, just minor adjustments and then prof approval. Obviously, everyone needs the same prof approval, so we take turns, and the list gets long since everyone needs attention in order to make sure they’re creating the best animation they can. So, I sit there awaiting my turn, which may take half an hour to an hour to come around. Usually, there isn’t much to do while I’m waiting. I don’t want to nitpick too much and ruin what has already been approved.

Got to leave for an early lunch. Wound up in entertaining conversation with a few classmates as we ate. Fun times.

Not much to say about scriptwriting class. We went over a script, gave some thoughts and opinions on it, then worked on our episode breakdowns. Well, I didn’t work on mine because they’re mostly done, and they were on a different computer anyway. I don’t like carrying absolutely all my tech around with me all day.

Wednesday was continuation of the walk cycle. Mine is looking on the strange side even though my keys have been approved. Not gonna sweat it though.

I worked on a few side projects in the afternoon. Coloured an image I drew based on the daffodil (which is the official March flower).

(My colour options right now are limited, and they're only Dollarama quality, but I think it turned out prettily. Daffodils are said to represent rebirth and new beginnings. Then again, it's also known as the Narcissus, which represents egotism and self-love. Take your pic.)

Also did some writing and organization in the spec script I’m putting together. It’s more important for my portfolio, so I’m really trying to give it my best.

The weather went from rainy to near-blizzard snowfall rather quickly. So gross. Then there was what looked like might have been a beautiful sunset taking place. My window faces east, though, so I can’t be certain. That colour in the sky disappeared within seconds though.

(It's amazing how quickly things can change when you glance down for a second.)

In Thursday’s classes we continued our study of feet anatomy and our character rotations.

(Practicing exaggeration of gestures. Still not great at it, but I actually think my 1 minutes turned out the best this time around.)

(To the left were some foot practices I did. Trying to get used to the model's feet before diving into a long study (featured right). Neither of my long studies turned out amazing, but I really loved how the big toe turned out in this one, hence the heart around it.)

On Friday, I finished my walk cycle. It looks robotic and isn’t very nice at all, but I’m not planning on putting in the extra hours for perfection. “Finished, not perfect,” as the profs always say.

If I needed an animation portfolio, I definitely would have put in more time and effort. As it stands, my writing portfolio means more to me.

(The in-place motion doesn't look too awful, but that walk off just kills me every time. It's hilarious. Man, I'm gonna get such a low grade for this, but I can't find it in me to hate it even though it's so bad.)

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