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"I've got cabin fever!"

I can’t believe this year is almost at its end. The beginning of 2020 seems so long ago. Much has happened; it’s all rather crazy when you think back. All around the globe it was one thing after another. Relentless, uncaring, without mercy.

What will happen in the year to come?

Will 2021 be better? Worse?

Will we be able to return to normal?

What is normal anymore?

There are many questions we can ask, but the answers are yet to be seen. We’ve been waiting, some more patiently than others, for the world to return to motion. It feels like everything is at a standstill and we’re all just holding our breath, waiting for the wind to return. Days, weeks, months have gone by, and I fear we all feel a little bit like this: Muppet Treasure Island - Cabin Fever - YouTube

This scene from Muppet Treasure Island is incredibly fitting. I watched this clip and realized the lyrics put my own thoughts into words so succinctly. Does anyone else feel like shouting, “I’VE GOT CABIN FEVER!” Because I would really appreciate not being the only one.

During these days, I’m also relating my life to that of Alice in Wonderland. Though the rabbit hole we’ve fallen down hardly seems like the wonder-filled land Alice ends up in, the words of the Cheshire Cat ring true: “We’re all mad here.”

Like a tightrope walker, we’re balancing on the line of insanity. Perhaps some have even slipped, becoming more and more submerged in a mentality unnervingly similar to Gollum’s. If you’re one of them, no judgement here. Being cooped up does strange things to the mind. Having any overactive imagination doesn’t help, either.

“I’ve got the madness.”

“We’re all mad here.”

For me, madness takes the form of lethargy. There are so many things I wish to do and want to be productive in, but I can’t seem to find the energy. I write, but my drive is lessened. I draw, but not like I used to. The main reason I can continue to do these things despite my lack of motivation is because of my friends who keep me accountable. And now, thanks to you, my amazing readers, I have a new purpose to create. However, if this isolation continues for too much longer, the creative concoctions in my mind may just get abnormally weird. It’s like there’s a crystal ball in my mind and things will either be a catastrophe or the most amazing ever! Which makes me think of this hilarious sketch from Studio C: An Unfortunate Fortune - YouTube

Is it just me, or are we all sitting in front of this fortune teller wondering about the next possible outcome? His answer to us, “It could be fun though.”

Honestly, as much as I like solitude and staying at home, I’m ready for the world to open up again. I want to travel, yes. But I also want to leave my house without a mask, hang out with my friends, have my sister over at my house, and hug people without breaking the law! Also, I want to be able to ignore the outside world by my own choice, not because I’ve been forced into it by a pandemic.

With 2021 just around the corner, I don’t want to make any resolutions. I don’t normally, but it seems like this isn’t the time to start. If I don’t give up on them after one month as is generally the norm, I’m sure 2021 would find some way of forcing my hand to stop. So, instead, I want to set some goals for myself. But I’ll have to take some time to think about what those will be.

What form has your madness taken?

What things are you looking forward to when the pandemic restrictions are lifted?

What are your goals for the new year?

Let me know in the comments below!

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