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Dear Winterites,

This last weekend (April 8-9) was the Easter weekend. With the end of the school year coming up rapidly, it means my move out date is also almost here. I’m super looking forward to it, but also, I’ve got a bit of stuff that will need to be transported. As I’m moving in with my best friend – my writer friend, my fox friend, my MVP companion – we’ve been carefully considering the best options for how to go about transporting the goods. With it being Easter weekend, she came up to visit me, which meant her car would be available and advantageous.

Roll around to Monday morning. Even though it was Easter Monday, classes were not cancelled. However, I didn’t go. The weekend was busy, and I wanted the chance to properly pack up my belongings in my MVP’s car. Sent roughly half my stuff with her, which means the next round should fit perfectly.

Can’t wait!

For the first time this year, the weather was actually comfortable enough to not need a jacket! I love winter and all, but I do like it when the warmth comes. Unfortunately, with the warmth apparently comes certain maintenance procedures. One such procedure was shutting down the squirrel’s drug operation. All winter I’ve been watching the squirrels and birds go in and out of the eaves of the maintenance building that is the view out my dorm window. I decided that they must be buying and selling drugs there, which obviously would have been a squirrel orchestration as the sparrows and chickadees are not the sort of bird to cook up something like that.

Anyway. Traps were set. I have not seen any captives yet. Over my last week here, I’ll be keeping an eye out for that. If there are any updates, you will be made aware.

This I promise, and I don’t make promises.

(I have blurred out the human face (left) for privacy reasons, obviously. But here is the evidence (right) that the squirrels have been caught in their no-goodery. Poor squirrels. Better luck next winter.)

Tuesday, I went to class. Back to working on the rig for my final project, and finishing up my script for scriptwriting. Woohoo. But man, my shoulders feel like they’ve got knives in them. Definitely gonna need a proper massage or chiropractor appointment once school is finished.

Do you ever find yourself so used to a certain pain that you just stop noticing it?

On Wednesday, I took advantage of the beautiful weather to go for a walk. There was so much beautiful birdsong. I could have just sat down beneath one of the trees (if the ground hadn’t been saturated with moisture), and simply listened. I love that.

(Honestly, birds sound so sci-fi. All the different tones just transport you. The video obviously doesn't give the same vibes as being surrounded by such calming and enchanting songs.)

Then the evening was girl’s night. On any journey, you gotta make time to hang out with the crew. We even had a few new ladies join, which was excellent.

Thursday was actually on the hot side. Not, “help I’m dying” hot, but nice hot.

Not unpleasant hot, but I want to spend every minute photosynthesizing hot.

That kind of hot.

(Lovely cave drawings from class.)

(I'm pleased with some of the exaggeration in some of these. I think it's hilarious that my brain in timed drawings just goes "insert Dr. Seuss feet here!" And that one image that looks pregnant. I can't.)

**Warning, as it is a life drawing class, the models pose nude. If that triggers you, please ignore the photos or stop reading here.**

(Long study drawings potentially for the final assignment. Focusing on all the construction. Plumb lines, the bean, the robobean, cylinders for cross contour, loomis head, hands, and feet. The right drawing has everything, but I drew the feet too short and fat, the hand got too big, and I really only like how the left calf and right side turned out. Well, that's the way it is sometimes.)

After class ended, there was an art expo set up. Most of my classmates went to check it out, so I decided to pop in as well. There was also a book sale happening. I found a beautiful Godzilla book that I would have absolutely loved to posses, but it cost $135. Just a bit outside my budget. Sad face.

Yet another nice day on Friday.

It’s hard to work on school stuff when staring through a pane of glass at a world where you’d rather be.

Even so, after working on the rig some more I finished one other assignment before rushing off to the great outdoors. Went for a walk with my little dragon companion. Then met with a few other friends and walked around a bit before taking the remainder of my evening to rest.

(When my friend asks me to be a model...)

(Just following instructions so my friend can be cinematic. First, he said to "act natural." But that wasn't working out, because who acts natural when told to do so? Eventually, he went with, "Go.")

It was a good week. Went fast.

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